Science Classes

The Discovery Center proudly offers science classes for ages 2 – 12 on a weekly basis during the months of September – April. During the months of May, June, and July, we proudly offer summer camp for ages 8 – 15.

For our younger students (ages 2 – 8), we offer two classes, Create Scientists and Science Kids, that teach students basic reading, math, and science concepts through hands-on experiments, crafts, games, and free exploration.

For our older students (ages 8 – 12) we offer three types of classes, a chemistry & physics class, a biology & anatomy class, and robotics classes. In our homeschool chemistry & physics class, students learn the basic concepts through standard classroom instruction, experimentation, challenges, and games. In our biology & anatomy class  students learn basic concepts through standard classroom instruction, hands-on experiments, dissections, games, and exploration of the natural world. In our robotics classes students learn how to build and program LEGO robots while learning teamwork skills by collaborating with other classmates to solve puzzles and challenges.


Ages 2 – 4


Ages 5 – 8


Ages 8 – 12

Homeschool Chemistry & Physics

Discovery Biology & Anatomy

 LEGO Robotics I