Welcome to the DC Digital Lab!

Discovery Center is temporarily closed, but we wanted to be here for you in this challenging time. Our team has put together a collection of videos, experiments and activities that you can do at home. We are here to help you overcome boredom and learn a few things in the process! Simply click the image or video to start your at home discoveries.


It's Frog Week!

It’s Frog Week at the DC Digital Lab! Did you know that frogs are a vital part of our ecosystem? There are 5,000 species of frog and 30% of frog species are at risk of extinction. Frogs are an indicator species. Becuase of their permiable skin, and need for suitable water and land habitats, frogs are more suseptible to environmental changes. This makes them an “indicator” for the health of our environment.   Click on the image above to explore one of this week’s featured activities.  Check out an awesome video experiement with Ms. Cara at the bottom of the page to learn more about the permable skin of amphibians.


Video Experiments and Activities

DIY Science PDF experiments

Virtual Critter Corner