Discovery Center Staff

At the Discovery Center we have a small, but efficient, team of staff members who are passionate about serving the local community by providing interactive and educational science programming and exhibits.

Cultural Arts and Sciences Division Head - Laura Walker
Exhibits Supervisor - Kate Messenger
Programs Supervisor - Rachel Seaman

I have been a part of the Discovery Center team since December 2016. As the Discovery Center’s program supervisor I am responsible for creating and overseeing all class, camp, and field trip programming. 

I love working with my team to promote the Discovery Center through social media and events. We are all extremely hard-working and dedicated to providing inspiring science education to the public. 

Having grown up in Ocala, I decided to return to Ocala and start my career after completing my undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the University of Florida. Working at the Discovery Center is a challenging and rewarding experience!

Exhibits Leader - Celina Bazinet

I started as a volunteer at the Discovery Center, and came on board as a staff member in January 2017. I’m in charge of animal husbandry at the Discovery Center, as well as educational programming.

I enjoy bringing a sense of humor to science and love engaging people by getting them laughing. I’ve taken on a personal mission to introduce the public to the less cuddly and cute animals that are on our planet. My ultimate goal is to help people overcome their fear of reptiles and invertebrates through education, understanding, and humor.

Programs Leader - Malcolm Harris
Programs Leader - Justin De Borde
Discovery Center Board

The Discovery Center Board is integral to the success of the Discovery Center. Board members attend monthly meetings, make important connections within the community, and raise funds for special projects.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact us.

Board Members

Tim Dean

Sarah Damien

Dirk Leeward

Joe Critchley

Kim Dinkins

Michelle D. Sivillich, Ph.D.