Use the advanced technology of Star Lab to look deep inside the earth and its many layers.


Each Star Lab , Layered Earth

Presentation ranges from 30-45 minutes in length .

Younger audiences have shorter program lengths Maximum = 5 classes per day

Let us guide your Students through step-by-step computer explorations, activities, and resources that will rock their world (pun intended!). Layered Earth covers topics such as tectonic plates, mountain ranges, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, mineral resources, and much more!

Room requirements

Star lab must be housed in an indoor space.

Star lab is 21 feet in height and is 28 feet in diameter.

The room must be at least 22 feet in height and 30 feet in each direction.

Star Lab cannot touch any source or beam hanging from the ceiling.


Star lab can hold 28-30 maximum students depending on age/ size of students.

This includes the instructor and at least one teacher / chaperone.